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Our Training Program

"Our training program has taken a little from each of these great trainers, and molded it into something that fits me. We use the Rex Carr method of forcing, along with pieces of Soprano and Willett, marking tactics from Mike Lardy, along with some ideals from Bob Region and Barry Lyons system, to come up with our system. Our program is designed to move forward as fast as the dog is capable. On an average, a dog is training at the Grand and Master level at 2 years of age." - The Trainer

Systematic routines are only part of the equation that builds a truly desirable hunting and performance companion. It takes pride, discipline, a respect for the retriever, and the ability to "read" the dog, knowing how to proceed from lesson to lesson, day to day.

Autrey Kennels is dedicated to bringing forth the best in performance from its retrievers. From the cold northern flyway, to the everlasting swamps of Louisiana, to the rice fields of the duck headquarters of the world - Stuttgart, Arkansas - you will hear our name.

I run both HRC and AKC, running both the HRC Grand and the AKC Master National. It is hairy at times to leave one National event and in a matter of days be running a different National event. It takes a special kind of dog to handle this, but our training program is geared for a dog to be able to handle both. In years past, we also ran SRS , and if a dog is capable and the owner willing, it’s still possible to add that event to our training program. With each dog required to qualify each year for the Master National, our summers are usually busy as we get dogs qualified.

Food, Nutrition, and Health Care

"I have been feeding the Purina Mills , "Exclusive" dog food since 2001. I feed the purple bag Performance, as I have found that this food gives me the best energy, best coats, and best stools of any dog food out there. I have a couple of dogs that must take a thyroid pill twice daily, that pill needs to be given with food. So I started feeding all my dogs twice a day and quickly found out that I would need to feed from a half cup to a full cup less each day. In Louisiana I get my food from Red River Ag Supply in Pineville. In Minnesota I get my food at the Bemidji Co-Op but the Clearbrook Co-Op also has the Exclusive dog food.

The first of each month I give all the dogs a heart worm pill plus flea and tick control that the owners provide. About 6 years ago, we were briefed by the University of Auburn Vet school that the current heart worm pills were not preventing heart worms in all cases. Since then on the 15th of the month I give each dog liquid Ivermec in accordance to their body weight and so far have not had a dog test positive for heart worms."

- Bill Autrey

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